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11 août 2012

1.1 Black’ 2013 –> 2017

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Wonderful Life Pendant

Un magnifique pendentif en argent et en or a été réalisé par Enibas (bijouterie située à Schull en Irlande) en hommage à Colin..sur le modèle de son propre pendentif…tous les recettes récoltées en faveur de ce travail d’orfévrerie seront reversées à Bru Columbanus (organisme de bienfaisance qui fournit un «foyer» pour les familles des personnes gravement malades dans les hôpitaux de Cork).

Chaque pendentif est numéroté et  gravé de l’inscription Saol Iontach – Wonderful Life…inspiré de la merveilleuse chanson de Colin.

Pour en savoir plus et vous l’offrir ou pour l’offrir à un être aimé ♥….wonderful-life-pendant  for-br-columbanus-support-house 



A magnificent silver and gold pendant was made by  Enibas (a jewelery shop located in Schull, Ireland) in honor of Colin …on the model of his own pendant …all the money from this beautiful work will be given in favor  to Bru Columbanus  (charity etablissment that provides a « home » for families of critically ill people in Cork hospitals).

Each pendant is numbered and engraved with the inscription Saol Iontach – Wonderful Life … inspired by Colin’s wonderful song .

To know more and to offer to yourself  or to offer it to a loved one ♥….wonderful-life-pendant

colin pendentif  Saol4



« Any Colour You Like » Volume 2 vient de paraître le 9 décembre 2016…un magnifique hommage-album reprenant les titres votés par les fans dans le précédent vol. + des titres favoris sélectionnés par Colin…avec une présentation soignée dans les moindres détails (photos inédites..interview…design) ce album est un objet d’Art à s’offrir ou à offrir en cette période festive..j’ai eu un coup au coeur en le découvrant en version « hardbook » avec ses 2 vinyls…comme j’aurai tant aimé que Colin le découvre aurait été si fier de son travail d’artiste.


« Any Color You Like » Volume 2 just released on the 9th December  2016… a magnificent tribute-album regrouping the songs voted by the fans in the previous vol. + favorite tracks selected by Colin…with a careful presentation into smallest details (unpublished photos..interview.. design) this album is an piece of Art to offer to yourself or to offer to your dear ones in this festive period ..i had a blow to the heart by discovering it in version « hardbook » with its 2 vinyls … as I would have loved that Colin also discovers it…he would have been so proud of him..of his Artist’s achievement.

To order…clic…  or on the site…




Back to the future…….Your music is vibrant..touching…alive….so we must keep on playing..singing despite your painful absence…feel it hard again to think what happened at this beginning of the year…but for your memory…your Art legacy…we don’t feel down…you gave us so good memories on your music..during your gigs…you gave us more..your friendship through kind words..advices or just a gesture..i will feel always your hand in my back to reassure me when i showed you my drawing portrait…&  your little wave from Paris to me…you always gave me listening and smile that’s why i always trust in your you.

For long..for now..for the future..i will keep on sharing & breathing your lovely songs…Love you Colin & grateful thank you to your familly & Black team who keep on working..making alive your Art legacy….Karine x♡x

Colin David Bickley  Photo: David Bickley



I have a deep sadness..and i can't realise now again that Colin leaves us the 26th january 2016..
life can be cruel and unfair that's true..
To you Colin..i keep your star shinning in my heart..i keep on sharing in this little blog 
my passion about your music and all your's not over for you..'cause you never died 
through your music and we keep on breathing it to bring a pure and beautiful soundtrack to 
our lives..i thank you to have given me your was so precious for me 
"Life should never feel small"..bisous "mon étoile" 
I dedicate my work to your loving family..share with them the pain to lose some-one very unique..
with all my love...Karine xxx
the 30th january 2016
 colin 2016
 Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Le 19 février 2016 à 19h00...une célébration prendra place à la Cathédrale"Liverpool Anglican Cathedral" située..ST James Mt, Liverpool, L1 7AZ....pour rendre hommage publiquement 
à me joindrais en pensées à toutes les personnes qui aiment et célébront la vie de cet homme..
cet artiste particulier et cher à mon coeur..qui a su donné une couleur et un son à part à nos vies..merci pour lui..pour ses continuer à 
respirer ses chansons...Life must be Wonderful.


On the 19th February  2016 at 7 pm … a celebration will take place in « Liverpool Anglican Cathedral » ..ST Mt James, Liverpool, L1 7AZ …. to  pay a public tribute to Colin …

I will join by thoughts to everyone who love and celebrate his music..his life of this man..this artist so close to my heart…who knew to give a special color and sound to our lives…thank you to everyone who keep on thinking & breathing his songs….Life must be Wonderful.

I would have loved to be thoughts were there with Colin's family and all people who love this beautiful artist...i wished i were here...

Pour partager votre histoire sur la chanson "Wonderful life".....
To share your Wonderful life story... and discover different "experience life" with... please give a visit Here 


Special Thank you to Alexander Höfer from the Animus Klub in Mainz (Germany) for sharing their special meeting/interview with Colin 
in november 2015...Feel difficult to watch without feeling heartbreaking but it's a lovely moment where Colin shared his love in music & 
life..we must see..feel and celebrate his

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

+ a link to the Animus Klub website..

En octobre 2015..Colin a été invité à la télévisison Française à l'émission "les années bonheur" (et cela 25 ans après une longue absence)
...après les attentats à Paris le 13 novembre..par respect l'émission a été reportée au mois de janvier 2016
avec beaucoup d'é larmes...j'ai découvert la prestation de Colin...merci d'aimer également car ce fut sa dernière apparition sur les chaînes publiques..

In October 2015..Colin was invited to the French télévisison on the show « the happy years » (after 25 years of long absence)
… After the attacks in Paris on 13 novembre..par respect the show was postponed to January 2016
é with many tears … I discovered the performance of Colin … thank you to love because it was his last appearance on state television ..

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Un p'tit coucou de Colin de Paris pour l'enregistrement de l'émission "Les années Bonheur"... + un p'tit hello personnel to me..i'm on my cloud!! 
Merci Colin :)  ♡ clic...blackakacolinvearncombe/videos 

  Lately in december 2015, Colin went to Barcelona and participated to a TV charity show "La Marató de Tv3"..enjoy "Wonderful life" in Catalan version..molt melodiosa!!
Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Colin is on the road for an autumn touring..a big tour in Germany, Bruges and two dates in England..see the dates...
Live Atumn 2015


Interview from the Animus Klub the 27/11/2015 – At Mainz in Germany, Colin gave an interesting intervention in the Animus Klub (a leisure club for young German students) 
in order to share his experiences as artist, musician..a very nice cover of Wonderful Life to discover at the end of article...
Thank you to Alexandre for the permission of sharing :) 

 BLACK FAITH "blind faith" make order and discover it...


 my little review on Amazon site…« Pure first class for « Blind Faith » the new Black aka Colin Vearncombe’s album…it’s a brillant work with a professionnal team (recorded and produced by Calum Malcolm) each song has its own character.. melancolic blooming, swinging curves, passionate tenderness, deep textures…we can fall in love i do :)
Since many years Colin composes, writes & put his voice and heart in beautiful and spellbinding melodies… »Blind Faith » is special because this is his first album where fans have participed to the process by pledging and it was a very good journey..i wish to « Blind Faith » now to fly away high and reach the chart!! i keep my fingers crossed..!! (official site »

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube
Interesting Q&A sessions between Colin and fans......
Part 1  
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Recently you can visit my "sound cloud" session for rare B-sides... i can share thanks to my friend Lennart and with the kind permission of Colin 'cause 
think that Music must be shared to be listened / discovered but never forget we must repect the artist's work   enjoy!!

you will find the Black / Colin Vearncombe's songs : "Under wraps"  "Scrapbook of ghosts"  " If you want it you can have it" "Most of the day.."  "Enough is enough"  "All i have to do is dream" (live cover of the Everly Brothers)  "Listen"  " Let stars explode" "Paradise lost"  "Whole wild world"  "Nice"  "I can let go now"  "Cold hard road"  "Needle time" 

A new Vinyl release for May 2014...Sweetest Smile + 3 bonus tracks...

Col SSM  just follow this link to order...;) sweetest-smile-vinyl

Colin's new touring.. Spring-tour-2014

Colin Tour 2014

New releasing for 1st April.... New Black EP II
to discover and listen to it.... BLACK EP:II
1.1 Black' 2013 --> 2017 black-ep2-150x150
"Any Colour You Like" release in Vinyl.... Great Class for the compilation!!
please follow this link... ACYL in Vinyl  
just clic to see more about ...."Any Colour You Like" special vinyl edition
Really a gorgeous release with an interview.. photos.. lyrics.. and some Colin's poems 
includes 2 vinyls for the special edition.. Best sound as ever.. deep and present!!
 to know more.. please follow this link.. dates spring-tour 2013
Image de prévisualisation YouTube
To follow the 2013 touring... there is a new page on Official Colin's webside with photos and comments from Andy Patterson..Tour Diary 

NEW BLACK RELEASES... the CD EP 3 titles and Colin's first poem book "I'm not the same person" 
are now available on his official site.. just follow this link.. New Black's releases

Russia's TV show...

Soon Colin’ll perform in Russia to make part at the Avtoradio 80s Rock and Dance Festival.. so good for him!! ♥♥♥

please visit on the official site for more information…


Image de prévisualisation YouTube



New Black Releases

October will see the release of a new 3 track EP from Black – the first release of new material since 2009′s Water On Stone

We’ll have copies available on the tour, as well as it being available on CD and download via 

Keep an eye on Colin’s twitter account to be the first to find out the title and the tracklisting - 


Wonderful Life

October will also see a re-issue of the Wonderful Life album on CD by the Universal Re-Presents label.

It is the 25th anniversary of the first Black album, and it will be released with new liner notes and a second CD with some remixes and alt versions. for Black « Wonderful life » Deluxe Edition


Soon Colin will give a new live tours trhough some European countries, this tour will be in acoustic mood joined by Mr Calum MacColl on guitar and vocals ... yessss!! 
Please follow this link to buy tickets.. Colin Vearncombe's lives .... LONDON is sold out!!

 Image de prévisualisation YouTube


Colin's narrative contribution to NEARLY THERE... a fab. tale!!
I made a special page on this.. please check.. Here ;) 



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