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26 février 2013

1.3 Black’s… gallery

karine @ 13 h 48 min

 Ttes les photos ici présentes sont juste mises en partage pour le plaisir..

All pictures on this blog are sharing for fun … all rights are reserved to there respectable owners

 Thank you a lot to friends who give me permission to publish their pics..make me happy :)



Early years….

1.3 Black's... gallery black1-300x164 1983 Colin Vearncombe et Dave Dickie

colin-early-212x300   colin-early2-238x300  colin-early4-198x300  colin-early3-223x300  colin Gary2

Colin young  colin young3  COLIN JEUNE

Colin pic4  Colin pic1  Colin pic9

Colin pic   Colin pic8  Colin pic10


Wonderful time….

colin-wl2-300x222   colin-wl-300x226  colinwl2-300x227



In live….

Colin-2005-300x208  colin-live1-300x230   colin-blue-184x300  colin-37-230x300   col4-300x225   col3-225x300  colin gig 2013  colin gary 2013 2



 B&W pics….

colin-acoustique-300x196  colin-g-300x209   cOLINGary3colin-guitare3-300x208  col-50-300x189  col-gig-20122-300x200  col-gig-2012-4-300x199   col-gig-2012-300x200   and-and-and-1-300x200  Colin Gary  Col 2014 MAI   Colin pic5

colin mai 2014    Colin48   Colin dreams



Under colorful lights….

colin-gigturkey-300x199  colin-gig201231-300x200  colingig1-300x225  colingig201241-300x200  colgig-20122-300x229  col-gig-11-300x227 colgig-20121-200x300  colin6-200x300  colwl-298x300  colin cancer concert 2013  col 2014

colin 2013 Stephan  colin now  colinS

colin man2  COLIN MAN

Colin light  Colin light2  colinguit5



Gorgeous pics from my friend Shay taken the 18th april 2013 at Colin’s Manchester gig… Thank you a lot Shay for sharing xx 

colin-shay1-300x203  colin-shay5-300x205   colin-shay6-300x203  colin-shay3-205x300  colin-shay4-200x300  colin-shay2-206x300



Another beautiful serie on the 24th april 2013 at Colin’s London gig… Thank you a lot Jim for the permission xx

colin-jim5-200x300  colin-jim6-300x259  colin-jim1-300x212  colin-jim3-257x300  colin-jim2-260x300  colin-jim4-295x300




Wonderful pics on the 30th april 2014 at Colin’s Liverpool gig… Thank you a lot Martin for your permission xx

the two first pics were taken on April 2013

colin martin 20144  colin martin 2013

Colin Martin 2014  colin martin 20142

colin martin 20143  colin martin 20141



Lovely & cool sharing pics of Colin and Calum on the 30th April 2014 at Liverpool from my Scoucer friend

Colin Graham 2014   colin graham 20141   colin graham 20143 colin graham 20144  colin graham 20142   GRAHAM COLIN2


Colin & Calum playing ‘Rock the Dock’ at the Dockyard Pub – Manchester in January 2015 ; credits photos to my friend Shay :)

Colin Shay  Colin Shay2  Colin shay3


Thank you Jim for so great pics and letting me sharing here xxx  Taken at Colin and Calum’s gig the Windlesham Club and Theatre – 9th May 2015

jim col  jim col2  Jim col3

Jim col6  Jim Col7  Jim col5  Jim col8 Jim col4  JIM COL9  JIM COL 10



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