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23 mars 2012

4. Black’s… lyrics

karine @ 12 h 19 min


Black’s lyrics..

les paroles sont toujours emportées par le vent et la mélodie reste… dans les textes des chansons de Colin, on trouve beaucoup de sensibilité, de mélancolie, d’ironie, l’Amour est toujours le principal moteur d’inspiration mais aussi la vie quotidienne et ses expériences, Colin n’écrit pas toujours des chansons auto-biographiques c’est souvent inspiré par ses observations sur les relations humaines…

Il y a aussi sa façon douce-amère, un peu sarcastique quelque fois, car on peut penser au titre de « Wonderful life »… une ballade sur la « joie de vivre ».. non.. une ballade mélancolique aux accents nostalgiques, une conclusion faussement optimiste mais simple et belle dans un moment de solitude et de doute, Colin par sa verve nous aide à être lucide, à avoir un regard ouvert mais aussi intimiste sur la vie, avec toujours cette pointe d’humour qui le caractérise, car à l’écoute de ses chansons on peut avoir chacun sa propre interprétation et l’associer à notre propre histoire…

The words are always taken by the wind and the melody stays…  in the Colin’s lyrics, we find a lot of sensibility, melancholy, irony, Love is always the main engine of inspiration but also the everyday life and all its experiences, Colin doesn’t still write autobiographical songs it’s often inspired by his observations especially about the human relations …

There is also his bitter-sweet way, a little sarcastic sometimes because we can think about the title of « Wonderful Life » … about a « joy of life » song .. no .. a melancholy ballad with nostalgic accents, a falsely optimistic conclusion but simple and beautiful in a moment of loneliness and doubt, Colin by his writing way helps us to be lucid, to have an open-minded and also intimate look on life, always with his touch of humor which characterizes him so well, because at the listening to his songs each one can have their own interpretation and associate with one’s life story … 

so it’s a « wonderful » way to listen to…

4. Black's... lyrics colin-writting1-300x219  colin-writting2-300x169 colin-writting-300x166

A chacun… ses textes favoris… 

sur la page Black’s facebook il y a un forum où chacun peut s’exprimer.. ce  link permettra de découvrir certaines paroles de chansons les plus prisées par les fans…

On facebook Black’s page there is a forum where each can express oneself about favourite lyrics.. this link will allow to discover certain words of songs the most appreciated by the fans…



 Colin writes his songs with elegant and fine style…  here are some extracts to taste like sweet bitter pieces of chocolate…


———————————cvflower1-150x150    angel-150x150   cvflower2-150x150


Wonderful life 

Wonderful life : —————————————————-                            —————-Everything is coming up roses :

No need to run and hide ——————————————                  ————–You don’t understand it, I can tell it by your smile
It’s a wonderful, wonderful life ——————————                 —————–There’s a kind of freedom, to be had from your lies
No need to laugh or cry —————————————                ——————-I always said that today
It’s a wonderful, wonderful life ——————————               ——————Is like tomorrow

—————————————————————————-             ——–Don’t sell it short for truth

Paradise :                                                                                                                                   I just grew tired :                                                                    

…For I need to know if we’re to get to paradise                                               …I can count your saving graces on two fingers
Just take my hand and we can make it to paradise                                           Love them, sit on them
Because, just like a forming rainbow                                                               You told me that you’re not afraid to die
Just like the stars in the sky                                                                             and dying’s easy, life that’s hard…
Life should never feel small…

Sweetest smile :                                                                                                                 Hardly star-crossed lovers : 

…I think my heart must be made of clay                                                              …For when you smile the whole world’s sky
Cause everyone said it would be broken some day                                            When you smile, I’m a star in that sky
Seems that I have come to that fateful day                                                         It’s you, you…
So I sit on the floor with my head in my hands
With my head in my hands
Even if I should, if I should



I can laugh about it now : --------------------------------------------------------------------- You're a big girl now : 

And the very next day, through the shrieks of the crowd                                                It’s so hard to be humble
Came your careless self, your oh-so-couldn’t careless self                                            When you know you’re worth more
And you just pass me by, your friends catch my eyes                                                     To live and learn
“We know you love her, we saw you dancing with her shadow”                                   Is all we can hope for 

—————————————————————————————————————————-An attraction of pasts
Let me watch you make love :————————————————————————Like the blindness of the summer sun

Sometimes I wonder at this shame I hide ———————————        ——  ——————But what will you do
Pare away the man and find the worm inside —————————-        ————————On when the rain comes through?
Your mind’s unclear and instinct is a lie
I hear what you say you’d do
And I wish it were true

Paradise lost : ———————————————————————————- Whatever people say you are :

It’s late and I’m drunk and my stomach ———————————————I never courted suffering, never valued paid
Sounds like the hot water pipes in the attic room ——————————-I’m not cruel, or a fool, just not used to it
And who’d have thought the sky could hold ————————————And now our fingers stay where once they hurried past
so much snow inside of it just to let it go ————————————— We’ve the time and the place, let’s get used to it…

So? The stars may shine and the moon may be blue
But what comes, comes from you?




Feel like change : ——————————————————————————-Here it comes again :

Everything changes as you stare at it ————————  —————-Here we are, and here we’ll stay, wrapped up in an ocean
We’ve all learned to live with it ————————————————–A veil of tears, imagined fears and God knows why
But another bag-lady, beggar man, thief ——————- —————Whatever I try to do, it goes in right and comes out wrong
Another low-flyer came to grief ———————————————–I try to wrap the chill in me
Can barely stand… —————————————————————But here it comes again

Listen : ———————————————————————–                      ——– This is life

I listened and remembered what he said ——————————                     —–This is what you waited for
“What’s good for me is good for you ——————————                  ———– No rehearsals, no more stalling
Be careful what you wish for        —————————————-                ——–This is life
It might come true”… ———————————————–                   —————Have it tattooed on the inside

Listen once and listen good —————————————–               —————-of your pink and sleepy eyelids
What’s lost is never coming back ———————————–              —————This is life…
The people that you trust
Are the people you should watch..

Sweet breath of your rapture : —————————————————————-    Fly up to the moon : 

Yeah, baby, I love your eyes ————————————————————–   When they open the borders where will you be?
They’re sea green but they’re twice as deep ——————————————-I’ll climb the highest tree to avoid the stampede
Like a man crossing the bridge of sighs ————————————————And if I should fly there’s only you
I am afraid to sleep… ———————————————————————–   You

…And yeah baby I love your smile ——————————————————There’s only you that would say
It’s worth the wait, it’s worth the while ————————————————Goodbye
And it makes my raw, sagging spirits rise
It makes them soar, it makes them fly



Are we having fun yet? 

That’s just like love : ————————————————————————————–Ave Lolita

…You live with the silence ————————————————————————– …If you sleep at all sleep well
It wraps your every mood ————————————————————————–  for the coming day won’t spare you
With tender velvet fingers ——————————————————————-If fear is the key you are locked outside the door
And they cling just like the ivy on a sunny roof ———————————————-And you’ve been there before…
If that’s what it takes to prove…

Swingtime : ————————————————————————                        Wishing you were here :

Too many souls are lost ———————————————————           I see your face across the miles and miles between us
So many dreams lie broken —————————————————–          Do they separate, do they separate or join us
Will you try to help them ——————————————————–           Do they join us at the hips
Chase the night away, turn on the booming silver day… ——————    I need to kiss your sweet lips

…So many people fail ————————————————————-          There’ll be sparks in the rain
So many hearts are broken ——————————————————         Honey in your hair
We come to live with pain ——————————————————-         I’m wishing you were here with me
We leave our arms wide open… ————————————————      (I’m wishing you were here)



The accused 

Number one :  ———————————————————————————-                 St Cecilia

It’s been sixteen million, fourteen thousand seven hundred seconds ——————Breathes like a sigh and then it’s gone
Since I realised you’d only ever care for number one ————————————Flickers like the light that shone

————————————————————————————————-Down from the humid sky, So you and I swam

Surrender : ———————————————————————–                            Storm cloud Catharine :

I don’t dress anymore ———————————————————-It’s all mapped out in relief like a skin of plaque on teeth
But bathe at dawn —————————————————  ———And so tense in here you can taste it; a power vacuum of sex
And in the twilight
Days pass across me with the touch
Of raw silk
Can I surrender?

I will, I will just surrender



Water on snow 

Alive : ———————————————————————————————           Water on snow

Listen to the silence growing louder ——————————————————…I know what you want, what you are thinking
A whisper can sometimes be louder than a scream ——————————— To drift beyond the pain and out of reach
Even in your wildest dreams—————————————————————-To sit, be safe and warm inside your sorrow
Oh growing louder —————————————————————–  And listen to the slow, slow morse tapping of the rain… 
But I am
Never more alive than when I am
Lying in your arms again

Last day of a long winter : ————————————————————                     ————-Cool :

Even if I was in love with you and wore the ring, the name tattoo ————————–       It’s just a trick of the night
These things could never hope to keep me here —————————————————         How you set me alight
With the bitter words and cool embraces ———————————————————–            On the edge of the shadows curve
The fading sweeter tastes I have started to forget too soon to hold them back —————–     I’ve been learning to be
Did I do wrong just to believe that there’s a last day of a long winter  —————————-      Like the people you see…



Smoke up close 

It doesn’t matter now : ———————————————————————-        The bride

memory is such a fickle friend —————————————     ————(and now) you sit and stare so gone you’d
it can hold on to the pain of yesterday —————————-   ————–watch your thumb on fire
and this place has no pity it’s not hard to hate this city ———————-each night to lie awake
til you think you’ve found your own place in the sun… ———————-your mouth turned desert dry

————————————————————————- ——– and count the distant sirens as they mark her coming closer… 

River ride women : ———————————————————–       ———-     Radio silence :

all my life i’ve waited on someone i ——————    —————————-Breathing,
could not depend on and ————————————-    ———————-I will scorch the heaving clamour with the stillness
i found myself saying i love you ————————-    ————————Of breathing
river ride women get me hot ——————————–     ———————Driven by the beauty or its lacking

—————————————————————  ——————–No going back here

Quinn’s old flame : ————————————————————————–    She loves my life :

he loved her in the abstract ———————————————————she lights my fire
each of her body parts —————————————————————and builds it higher
he loves her still: at night ———————————————————–she lights my fire, then i know why
he draws a mental chart ————————————————————she loves my life
(and) puts the parts together
and smiling to himself
he draws her to him, he draws her to him

Child’s play :  ——————————————————————————–    Needle time

we walked on out to the tip of the sound —————————————–  the things that used to make you laugh now
and we rolled in the surf like seals there ——————————————drive you to distraction
and she sang songs to the dolphins and whales ——————————–the little things that made me smile have lost
that move through the deep waters… ———————————-  ———-all their attraction…

The sunshine : -—————————————————————       ———-   That was yesterday

you wear the sunshine smile in your eyes  —————————————-‘cause that was yesterday
a waterfall cascading in your hair ————————————————– that was someone who lived inside yesterday as if
the sunshine splashed on your skin ————————————————-yesterday was the only place he knew
and i’m lost inside the spaces that we share…



Between two churches

Come out the rain : ————————————————————————–   Two churches

Angel with your heart turned inside out —————————————–… Now I’m about ready to lose myself
There’s no silent running in reality ————————————————-I’m about ready to kiss and tell,
You’ve got to let your number count ———————————————-Give up all that I think I know
And though it’s like to choke you ————————————————–Shed my skin and be ready to go through changes…
And comes on a like a hurricane
Walk straight and 
Baby, come out of the rain

Her coat and no knickers : —————————————————————-    Are you having a wonderful life

I never dreamed I could be lost in a place I know so well ———————— The sound of wind rushing in the trees
But I was running on the spot in the darkness ‘til I fell —————————-Singing drunk on a trampoline in December
And then pulling off my clothes I want to step out of my skin ——————The river can run round the other side
And paint a tattoo on my heart shows an arrow ———————————-But it can never run back
Pointing in ———————————————————————    ———  -Are you having a wonderful life?



The given 

Naked :  ———————————————————————————-      Breathing underwater :

But I am warm in the places that used to be cold —————————… Life could be so wonderful like loving in the everafter,
I kept all the things the others sold… —————————————-    -Breathing underwater

But I am strong in the places that used to be weak ———————— Life should be so wonderful
Strong enough to cry and know the reason ——————————— Like moving in the up and outward,
Going naked again —————————————————————    Breathing underwater

Chapter and verse : ———————————————————————–  No second chances :

…Try living with the low rent crazies ———————————————The rivers run dry
Dealing with the worst ————————————————————–     The plains are as wide and high as the eye can see 
And then you’re dancing for the dust bowl hobos —————————— The strangest things…I see the strangest things
Start drinking somebody gets hurt
You write the prayer book;
Chapter and verse



Water on stone 

Tonight we cross the river : ———————————————————    Walk on frozen water :

…You’re my whole world —————————————————    …I hear the ocean’s loud enough to swallow up your song
I’d go your whole world over ————————————————-Without whom…nothing!
To leave you as you are ——————————————————–No weeping in the rain, no weeping in the rain
To leave you as you are ——————————————————  I’ll only do what I do
As a fighter and a lover and even a forgiver ————————–Won’t wish upon distant stars
Tonight we cross the river —————————————————Or weep over photographs
Cross the river… —————————————————————I’ll walk on frozen water

I hate you (don’t leave) :  ———————————————————-    Tomorrow is another night : 

I don’t need your incandescent scent of woman gone to hell ————-Baby get along
The little cuts that scar aren’t why we hurt ———————————-  Tomorrow is another night
The laughter lies that bind us are the worst ———————————You hurt my soul
I hate you————————————————————————–       You Took my song
Don’t leave ————————————————————————-   Baby get along

What makes a fool : ——————————————————————  Grievous angel

And I love you so much I’d be your clothes ————————————Remember, remember
Where my heart wanders the action follows ———————————- The song of the clowns and grievous angel
And as hard as it is to keep from wanting you ——————————-Like the beating of wings and the changing of things
I’ve got a choice of what will kill me ——————————————-Will run ‘til the end of time

And it won’t be you…

What makes a fool?


————————————————————— colin-writting3-300x166  .… to follow….


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